687 Lights

Hi everybody, Check out this totally fantastic project – completed with the help of our generous Green Lake Renewal donors!



New LED Lighting Installed Throughout Former Courthouse Buildings

Decemphil-burkart-jeff-oconnor-and-immanuel-millsber 12, 2017, Green Lake, WI – Following an energy audit and a successful “Go Green” campaign that raised more than $17,500, Green Lake Renewal last week replaced 687 lights with energy-efficient LED lamps at its Town Square Community Center, Green Lake Fitness 24/7 and Green Lake Kitchens.

The project, which was launched with the help of Green Lake Renewal Board Member David Armstrong, was paid in part by a grant from the State of Wisconsin Focus on Energy program, which will fund up to one-third of energy-saving project costs if the recipient can fund the other two thirds.

“We are so grateful to Dave and to everyone who made this project possible. It was extremely cool to see so many people stepping forward to be part of it,” said Fran Hill of Green Lake Renewal. “Reusing these old buildings was our first major environmentally-friendly project. Adding these new lights takes us another step toward reducing our footprint.”

“Plus,” added Hill, “Every light that was removed for replacement is being recycled.”

The new system emits whiter light, requires fewer lamps per fixture and takes just 20 percent the wattage to light the same area. In addition, the lamps themselves last up to five years. The project is expected to pay for itself in energy bill savings within two years.

“Besides being environmentally friendly, this is a budget-friendly project,” explained Hill. “We are right now in the midst of our Annual Appeal, our year-end campaign which raises the funds to pay for our buildings and grounds throughout the coming year. Over time, this lighting project will significantly reduce our operating expenses.”

Green Lake Renewal is the 501(c)3 non-profit community revitalization organization that operates Town Square, Green Lake Fitness 24/7, Green Lake Kitchens and Hill Street Station. For more information, to volunteer or to make a donation, call 920-807-0008, stop at the Town Square front desk at 492 Hill Street in Green Lake, or write to info@greenlakerenewal.org.

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