Renew Crew

Members of the Renew Crew are AMBASSADORS for Green Lake Renewal. They spread the message of how our efforts are transforming the Green Lake area into a model for small communities to thrive into the 21st century. As such, Renew Crew members are the first to know when plans are being formulated and announcements are about to be made.

These dedicated individuals meet for social events two times each year. In their role, they provide ideas, help to plan and organize Green Lake Renewal events, may serve on the organization’s committees and volunteer.

Overall, the Renew Crew represents some of the best of Green Lake area’s energy, creativity, experience, optimism, and (perhaps most importantly) sense of FUN

Annual Green Lake Renewal RENEW CREW Requirements:

  1. On an annual basis, participate in social events and serve on committees to the extent that you are able.
  2. Making a personally meaningful financial gift within the individual’s financial means, as well as supporting other fund development activities.
  3. Actively represent Green Lake Renewal to the general public.
  4. Volunteer for activities if available and willing.

For information on how to become part of this dynamic group, contact Fran Hill at or complete the application by clicking the button below.